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Chroma-Q sets its Sights on the Web

Chroma-Q sets its Sights on the Web

April 1, 2009 05:21

To celebrate the launch of the new Chroma-Q® Color Block 2™ LED fixture and the growing success of the award-winning lighting brand worldwide, www.chroma-q.com has been launched.

Dealers and end users are provided with easy access to a dedicated online portal for the very latest Chroma-Q product news, user applications, support and reseller information. For up to the minute product information, extensive application case studies and testimonials from a diverse range of clients including lighting designers, technicians, venues, rental and production companies, visit www.chroma-q.com. Furthermore, the new web site provides access to full 360° product views, high resolution colour photos, brochures, detailed technical specification sheets, manuals and exploded diagrams.

The Chroma-Q brand has been setting new standards in professional lighting products and accessories for many years and is renowned for delivering high levels of performance and reliability at an affordable price. Whether it be for theatres, concert tours, films, TV, tradeshows, corporate events or fixed installations, Chroma-Q products are designed for a wide range of entertainment and architectural lighting applications. The line-up provides an extensive choice of creative LED lighting fixtures, traditional lighting accessories as well as control and data distribution solutions.

The www.chroma-q.com web site is easy to navigate, giving access to dedicated sections on all Chroma-Q products in just a few clicks.