Vista by Chroma-Q

Vista by Chroma-Q

A new dawn is here!

Chroma-Q® are excited to announce that they have acquired the Jands Vista lighting & media control system – rebranded as Vista by Chroma-Q®. Continuing Jands’ vision for their award-winning platform, they are introducing the all-new Vista 3 software, along with two new control surfaces.

NEW – Vista 3 Software

Vista 3 software screenshot
Unleash your full creativity with the power of Vista 3. Continuing to impress with its legendary timeline, visual interface, speed and ease of use, Vista 3 has been developed to dramatically enhance the existing feature set whilst also introducing a host of major new features such as; smart FX masters, the ability to merge multiple showfiles, a new colour engine, improved fixture visualisations, and a vastly expanded command line interface.

As well as running on the new control surfaces, Vista 3 is supported by the majority of existing Vista hardware and host PC or Mac systems.

See how ProLights PixieSpot and PixieWash, controlled by Vista 3 by Chroma-Q are used in Houses of Worship to take services to new levels of beauty, passion, and depth.