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Lighting Stands & Accessories

Manfrotto and Avenger provide lighting stands, clamps, adapters and accessories for the professional lighting Market.

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Manfrotto Lighting Stands

Manfrotto is a line of lighting stands, clamps, adapters and accessories for the professional lighting Market.

Manfrotto Clamps, Adapters & Accessories

Manfrotto provides clamps, adapters and accessories for their lighting stands.

Avenger by Manfrotto Lighting Stands

Avenger provides lighting stands, clamps, and accessories designed to withstand extreme use, high stress and heavy payloads.

Avenger by Manfrotto Clamps, Adapters & Accessories

Avenger provides lighting stands, clamps, and accessories designed to withstand extreme use, high stress and heavy payloads.

Manfrotto Lighting Stands

Manfrotto Top System 54

Flexible, compact and perfect for in-studio photography. This overhead lighting suspension helps professional photographers maximise space and compose their shoots quickly and efficiently.

Pantograph Top 2C

Support your studio lighting with securely and with ease with the Pantograph Top 2C with Wire Cable. Designed to be used with the intuitive and space-saving Sky Track System, this pantograph lets you light your studio space from above.

Autopole Black extends from 210cm to 370cm

Compact, strong and perfect for small spaces. This super clever Autopole Extends from 210cm to 370cm, while being compact enough to pop into your bag with ease.

Telescopic Post, Extends from 33.5''-80''

A telescopic system for the balanced suspension of loads. Adjustable in height with automatic positioning at the desired position.

Chrome Column Light Stand w/ Locking Wheels, Removable Base

Innovative, compact and easy to transport. You can't ask for more from a Column Light Stand, this essential piece of kit is designed to top professional standards and makes short work of even the trickiest shoots. It’s made to Italy’s world leading quality standards too, so you know it’s built to last, and it’s totally robust, so you won't need to worry about it buckling under pressure.

Reversible Short Stud

The must-have camera stud for your super clamp. Powerful, yet compact. This stud can be fitted into the Super Clamp 035 socket, enabling you to mount your camera directly or attach the head. By keeping the super clamp flush to the ball head, you'll always know it's the right stud for your equipment.

Manfrotto Clamps, Adapters & Accessories

035 Super Clamp without Stud, includes 035WDG Wedge

An essential clamp that’s easy to use, strong and reliable. The Super Clamp without Stud, Aluminium and Tüv safety certified clamp is ideal for professionals looking for a dependable and practical addition to their kit bag

Photo variable Friction Arm

Achieve absolute control with the Manfrotto Variable Friction Arm.

Super Clamp w/ Stud

Intuitively designed and reliable even under pressure. This Super Clamp really is perfect for professionals looking for a durable, professional standard and superior quality clamp for a whole range of applications. Not only does it allow you to mount your equipment with speed, it also comes with an essential Tüv safety certification, so you can be sure it'll be both high performing and totally secure.

Super Clamp with Short Stud

Super Clamp with Short Stud

Metal Chain Expan Set w/ Red Chain - 22lb. Capacity

The ideal drive set for studio work. Every shoot is a easy and simple thanks to the expertly designed Expan Set. Dependable and convenient, this set will help you work fast and smart, for great results with the minimum amount of fuss every time. It's intuitive features enable you to control your background paper roll with absolute ease, speeding you sessions up and creating a polished, clean space.

Pantograph Top 4C 5/8'' @ Bottom (Female - Male) 14.9''-149''

The pantograph is made of aluminium (P-Al MgSi UNI 3569) and manufactured according to DIN 15560-46.

Black Rail 60, 9'10''

Anodized rail 3m long.

2-Section Single Articulated Arm without Camera Bracket

Single articulated arm with two sections.

Mega Boom Black (Stand not Included), practical and strong

Easy to move and convenient to use. The Mega Boom Black (stand not included) is designed with innovative features that make it easy for to use regardless of its large size.

Double Carriage with Single Brake

Double Sliding Carriage with one brake.

Rapid Adapter

Multi-purpose, extremely versatile and built-to-last, this 16mm female tripod adaptor is an indispensable addition to any photographer’s kit.

Black Rail 60, 16'5''

Anodized rail 5M long.

Aluminum Magic Arm w/ Bracket, Pivot Lock Control

The super handy Magic Arm really does do everything you need it to and more, adding value to any shoot and allowing you to take great pictures without any hassle.

Bracket for Fixing Rail to Pipe

Manfrotto Bracket for Fixing Rail to Pipe.

Avenger Safety Cable 100cm

This 100cm (39 in) safety cable is 4mm thick (0.1 in) in diameter and is a solid piece of equipment to secure lights suspended overhead.

Avenger by Manfrotto Lighting Stands

Avenger Long John Silver Stand

Avenger B7057FF Long John Silver Stand is a heavy-duty stand used primarily for cine applications capable of supporting maximum payloads up to 120 kg up to a height of 5.7 m.

Avenger Strato Safe Stand 43

Chrome steel stand, complete with braked wheels with 4 sections and 3 risers, this heavy duty stand can support a payload up to 70kg and can reach a maximum height of 4.27m. Includes a Wind Brace Kit.

Avenger Wind Up Stand 39

Avenger Wind Up Stand CS 3.9m/12.8' LowBoy 2R, Braked Wheels

Avenger C-Stand Kit 33 black finish version

Avenger C-Stand Fixed Base 40"Blk 3.3m/10.8' wGrip Head, Arm

Avenger Long Telescopic Hanger with Stirrup

The Avenger long telescopic hanger is designed in strong steel making it ideal for light attachments or suspending fixtures.

Avenger Baby Stand 45 steel

Avenger Baby Stand 45 Sil 450cm/178in Steel Triple Riser

Avenger Long John Silver Junior Stand with foam fill wheels

Avenger Long John Silver Junior is the world’s lowest stand, with the highest payload.

Avenger C-Stand Kit 33 with sliding leg

Avenger C-Stand Sliding Leg 40" CS 3.3m/10.8' wGrip Head,Arm

Avenger by Manfrotto Clamps, Adapters & Accessories

Avenger C1575B Super Clamp with T-Knob and 035WDG Wedge

The Avenger Super Clamp is the most versatile single piece of light grip gear! EVER!!!

Avenger Rubber Filled Wheel Set For Strato Safe

Avenger Rubber Filled Wheel Set For Strato Safe.

Avenger Drop Ceiling Scissor Clamp

Special adapter to mount small or medium light fixtures from a drop ceiling frame.

Avenger Grip Head 2 1/2''

Avenger's most popular grip accessory. The D200 grip head has hundreds of functions.

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