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A.C. Lighting Inc. to Present Environmental Projection Tips, Trips and Tim at WFX

A.C. Lighting Inc. to Present Environmental Projection Tips, Trips and Tim at WFX

September 15, 2016 05:21

A.C. Lighting Inc. is hosting presentations by Tim Ottley, lighting director of Asbury United Methodist Church on its booth (701) at WFX – the Worship Facilities Conference and Expo, in Louisville, Kentucky. On Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 September, Tim will be providing expert tips and tricks on using environmental projection – in a worship environment.

During the fast paced 10 minute presentations – ‘Environmental Projection Tips, Tricks and Tim’ – the lighting director will explain how he uses the speed, power and simplicity of ArKaos MediaMaster PRO, together with a Jands Vista console, to inspire the congregation with powerful and creative visuals.

Tim will guide his audience through the seven elements of environmental projection and discuss the importance that video plays in the worship environment – with stunning examples from his church’s recent Christmas and Easter productions. He will also talk through how he uses environmental projection to change Asbury’s sanctuary from a traditional church setting to a thoroughly modern worship space in only 30 minutes.

He will give his talk at 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 5pm on Wednesday 21 September – and at 11am, 1pm and 3pm on Thursday 22 September.

Tim Ottley says: “I’m excited about coming back to WFX – the event is always such a fantastic networking and educational opportunity. I’m also thrilled to be partnering up with A.C. Lighting. Not only does the company offer fantastic products that will lead to environmental projection success, its customer service is simply second to none.

“Product-wise, I can’t underline enough the value of the ArKaos MediaMaster Pro software when it comes to creating dramatic visuals and a truly communal worship experience. It makes life easy because it is so powerful and has everything you need in one box. For major church installations, its simplicity is invaluable.

“I run the software on a Jands Vista console due to its stability, reliability and intuitive interface – which makes realizing even the most complex and grandiose of my ideas straightforward.”

The former manager of American Christian metal band P.O.D, Tim has worked at Asbury United Methodist Church for six years. During this time he has radically transformed its lighting and audio-visuals – not least by installing one of the largest environmental projection systems in a church in the United States.

At Asbury, Tim has created a dynamic and truly immersive worship environment. For example, one Easter he created a majestic panoramic scene of the garden of Gethsemane around the interior of the church. On another occasion, he transformed the room into a subway station for a sermon series titled ‘Mind the Gap’ – with the call to worship being a subway train rushing past.

Please visit the A.C. Lighting Inc. booth (701) at one of Tim’s allotted talk times during the WFX show, to see his presentation.

In addition, receive a demonstration of the ArKaos MediaMaster PRO software at WFX and then enter the daily show prize draw* for a chance to win a copy of MediaMaster PRO 4 with a retail value of $2,550.00.

For more information on A.C. Lighting Inc., please call (416) 255 9494, email northamerica@aclighting.com or visit www.aclighting.com.

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*Customers can only win one prize draw during the show.

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