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A.C. Lighting Inc. Showcases Leading Innovations at LDI 2008

A.C. Lighting Inc. Showcases Leading Innovations at LDI 2008

October 17, 2008 05:21

The booth of A.C. Lighting Inc. (2110) will provide the first appearance at the LDI show of exclusive new technologies from the Chroma-Q® and Jands leading lighting brands.

The Chroma-Q LED range includes lighting effects innovations for all types of entertainment, house of worship and architectural applications. The recently launched Color Span™ is a configurable low profile, ultra bright LED fixture for indoor / outdoor wall wash, cove, effects and feature lighting applications. The Color Span fixture gives users the flexibility to specify the unit from a choice of indoor (IP20) or outdoor (IP67) IP rated use, three body lengths (16, 32 & 48″), ten body colors, RGBA, single color or any color combination of LEDs, and narrow, medium or wide beam angle optics.

Other features include high quality Chroma-Q components and innovative technologies, a very powerful 1500 lumens output per 4 foot, ultra slim design, smooth linear dimming curve and optional RGB(A) *Magic Amber™ configuration for achieving a warmer color range and superior color rendition. The Color Span fixture can wash a 72 foot long wall from just a single wall outlet and features individual LEDs arranged in sets of 4 channel circuits for greater programming flexibility. The fixture can be controlled via DMX or a standalone mode, and has a choice of power supplies for up to 6 or 18 full-length fixtures.

The Chroma-Q Color Web™ LED matrix is now available with an optional low cost, user-friendly control solution, making the product even more attractive as an entry-level creative LED system for providing low resolution visual effects. The PC based Madrix control software is easy to set up and features a simple interface with two playbacks for cross-fading effects. Content is handled by its own flexible content creator, which enables full creative control of the Color Web in real time.

Other Chroma-Q LED products featured include the Color Punch™, a punchy, IP65 rated fixture providing super bright (1250 lumens) results from a compact unit; the Color Split ™ fixture, featuring dual side-by-side RGBA cells for a choice of bold single color or dramatic split color effects; and the Color Block™ modular LED fixture offering endless design possibilities.

All Chroma-Q LED products are licensed by Color Kinetics. The Chroma-Q Color Web** is designed, manufactured and also licensed by Artistic Licence. Please include this statement in any Color Web editorial published.

*Magic Amber is the term used for the unit’s ability to bring in Amber using only RGB, when mixing colors that require it.

A.C. Lighting Inc. will also be showing the latest Jands Vista range of stand-alone and native Mac or PC-based lighting control solutions. Featuring an intuitive visual interface, innovative timeline editing function and generic fixture control, the Vista is both fast and simple to use. The new Vista I3 is a mid-range lighting desk that provides all the revolutionary features of the full-size T4/T2 consoles in a smaller, more economical package. Featuring the software, processor and control elements of the stand-alone consoles, connect a pen-tablet, touch screen, or even a standard monitor, keyboard and mouse to the I3, and it becomes a fully operational Vista.

A.C. Lighting Inc. is the exclusive North American distributor for the Chroma-Q and the Jands lighting range