Leading Lights

Issue 4

Welcome to Issue Four of Leading Lights from A.C. Lighting.

With two feet of snow on the ground as I write and, the temps pushing into the 50's, March may indeed come in like a lion and go out like a lamb. Regardless of the weather A.C. Lighting has some hot new products to help you grow your business. As Spring rolls in, Jands is putting the final touches on the highly anticipated release of Vista Byron and Chroma-Q® is launching their hot new Color Force.

We are very proud to announce the new Chroma-Q Color Force™. The Color Force opened to rave reviews during the PLASA and LDI preview. Not to be viewed as just another LED fixture, the Color Force is an absolutely must see LED. As a theatrical consultant in New York City wrote "really impressed with the fixture. Seeing it against the others is like night and day."

The response from designers and dealers has been overwhelming. Take a moment and see what makes the Color Force oh so cool.

Fred Mikeska


Fred Mikeska

In this issue...

NEW Color Force

Color Force

The new Chroma-Q Color Force 72 and Color Force 48 LED batten range features a mighty 12,000 / 8,000 lumens light output – providing an extremely powerful fixture for lighting a cyclorama of up to 26ft while using only 20% of the electricity consumed by a traditional four cell 1K cyc light. Combined with an enhanced RGBA color spectrum, a CRI of 92, theatrical grade dimming and all the benefits of LED technology, the Color Force is the ideal multi-purpose color-changing fixture.

Color Force output

Manufactured in North America and part of the new generation of Chroma-Q LED lighting models, the Color Force features a number of unique color mixing and control management technologies.

The Chroma-Q RGBA engine has been developed to deliver an incredible CRI of 92, for true color balance across the spectrum and accurate tungsten white light emulation. Each 1000 lumen engine utilizes unique ColorSure™ technology for enhanced color consistency across cells and fixtures.

The Color Force offers massive output across the spectrum, delivering a broad palette of deep, vivid saturated and soft, subtle palette colors.

Color Force Color Wheel

This makes it the ideal single fixture solution for indoor entertainment and architectural lighting applications including theatre, concert touring, corporate events, exhibitions and TV.

The unit's custom optical design provides a smooth, uniform output with outstanding color blend. For optimum performance, optional accessories include a Cyc lens for lighting up to a 16ft and a Border lens for general-purpose wash applications.

The Color Force features smooth, theatrical grade dimming and intuitive color control for all lighting console types. Combined with LED lighting's instant strobe-like control of intensity, the unit offers exceptional all-round flexibility.

Color Force Blend

Advanced software enables industry standard 3 channel RGB and HSI control for each ColorSure light engine. A unique Magic Amber mode automatically and seamlessly blends the amber alongside the RGB LEDs for a better range of warmer colors and an enhanced color gamut. A full range of flicker-free modes is also included.

Color Force Multi Color Blend

With separate control every 6" and a comprehensive built-in effects engine, the Color Force offers new possibilities in cyclorama effects.

The Color Force fixture's low maintenance requirements as an LED fixture, combined with its highly efficient LED power management technology, offer significant long-term savings in running costs compared to a traditional 1kW cyclorama flood.

Color Force fixing

On the outside, the Color Force has been designed to provide maximum versatility and ease of use. The built-in power supply, hidden quick release hardware requiring no tools. With power and DMX feed-thru the fixture ensures fast deployment and simple cable management.

The Color Force also features standalone Master and Slave modes for additional usage possibilities, flat end plates for seamless wall-washing and a rugged extruded aluminium body.

FREE USITT Stage Expo Passes

Get ready for the USITT Stage Expo scheduled to take place March 31st – April 2nd in Kansas City, Missouri. Jands Vista Byron and the Chroma-Q Color Force will make their USITT debut at this year's Expo in A.C. Lighting’s booth #580.

The USITT Stage Expo showcases products, services, educational and professional opportunities in the performing arts and entertainment industry. With more than 200 exhibitors, Stage Expo is the place to learn about innovations.

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Vista Performs for SUNY Geneseo Theatre Courses

Vista SUNY Rent

The State University of New York at Geneseo has purchased a Jands Vista T2 full size console for its School of the Arts faculty, which provides degree courses in stage lighting design, technical theatre and stagecraft.

Located in the historic village of Geneseo, the University is a premier public liberal arts college with a rich tradition of academic excellence. The campus facilities include a state-of-the-art theatre used for practical lessons and assessments, as well as an array of faculty-directed and student-directed productions, community-produced shows, dance concerts and musical theatre revues.

With a focus on teaching students to use the very latest industry technologies, Johnnie Ferrell, associate professor of theatre and technical director at the School of the Arts, decided it was time to upgrade their lighting console to something more modern, powerful and capable of handing the increasing number of intelligent fixtures.

Vista SUNY

Being active in the U.S. Institute of Theatre Technology, he decided to visit the USITT show to get hands-on experience of the latest lighting consoles available. After evaluating several popular industry consoles, Johnnie was impressed by the Jands Vista so arranged a demonstration for himself and his students at the University, provided by Jands exclusive North American distributor, A.C. Lighting Inc.

The Vista’s modern, graphic interface, pen-tablet control and ease of use made a big impression on Johnnie and the students, so he purchased a full size T2 console for the University’s theatre via local company, BMI Supply in Queensbury, New York.

Johnnie commented: "I have never had a lighting desk that is so easy to use. You can set cues faster and easier than anything I have ever used. The patch is always a snap as well."

Vista SUNY

The console is primarily being used in the University’s 386-seater Alice Austin Theatre to control a lighting rig which includes various Altman, ETC, Elation and Vari-Lite intelligent and conventional fixtures. The Vista has also been used in the campus’s 950-seater Wadsworth Auditorium and 150-seater Robert Sinclair Black Box.

Student productions programmed on the Vista include The Clean House, Fool for Love, Rent, Pirates of Penzance, The Two Gentlemen of Verona and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, as well as dance concerts every semester.

Vista SUNY

In addition to using the console on-site, the students also frequently edit their shows away from the campus using the free PC and native Mac-based Vista offline editor software.

Summarizing his experience of the Vista, Johnnie commented: "As my mentor stated about the Vista: did I want a lighting console that students could learn to program, or did I want a console that the students could light with? The students love the Vista and it has quickly become their console of choice."

Bargain Offer - DTS Delta Fixtures

DTS Delta R

Need a super-bright LED fixture to wash a stage or illuminate a building? Take a look at the DTS Delta, an IP65 rated indoor/outdoor LED fixture that offers a bold, bright color palate at an affordable price. The DELTA projects an intense and perfectly uniform light beam, and can generate up to 16 million colors.

The DTS Delta series is a radical advance in LED technology offering single-color RBG optics or discrete RGB LEDs. With your choice of narrow, medium or wide lenses, sophisticated color temperature control (3200°K - 5500°K) and motorized pan and tilt or fixed focus models, there is a Delta fixture to meet your needs.

Click here to view the entire Bargain Stock page – lots of great deals available!

DTS Delta

DTS Delta

DTS Delta

Ex demo Delta F $1595.00 USD each
Ex demo Delta R $1695.00 USD each

Pro-File 'n' Style - Jeff Neubauer


Jeff Neubauer has been a lighting and scenic designer for 15 years. Before landing his current gig at Westover Church in Greensboro, NC, Jeff specialized in out of the box events. From an opera in a baseball stadium to a Nascar racecar as a sermon illustration or a 16' spinning Earth, Jeff has had a lot of different experiences. You can catch him behind his T4 at jneubauer@westoverchurch.com.

Jeff Neubauer

Jeff Neubauer

Jeff Neubauer

Jeff Neubauer

Jeff Neubauer


Favorite movie genre:
Comedy – there always seems to be some absurd movie on TV for me to catch in the middle.

All time favorite movie:
Currently Avatar – I mean have you seen the visuals? Or maybe Dodgeball (see above)

You gotta fix it! What’s in your toolbox?
Too much – I was once accused of being able to build a dimmer rack from spare parts in the tool box

Tie Line, Duct Tape, Bailing Wire or, Gorilla Glue?
Tie Line – a great non permanent solution – (had a bad experience with Gorilla Glue once. Don’t want to talk about it.)

Jands Vista moment:
The "ah ha" moment with extracts when I realized I already had what I needed on that other clip. Selective paste in the timeline is close second. Did you know you can individually release fixture attributes in time in a clip?

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