Jands Vista T2 Console Sold to Leading Canadian Production Rental Company

Canadian production rental company Sound Plus Show Systems Inc. has taken delivery of a Jands Vista T2 lighting console.

Based in Toronto Ontario, the company has over 25 years experience servicing the live event industry, providing a complete entertainment lighting design, production and rental service for projects ranging from small corporate events to large festivals and theatre shows.

Sound Plus Show Systems Lighting Director Jeff Larocque was looking for a control desk that their team of designers and programmers could learn quickly and feel comfortable with, but was faced with the dilemma that no single desk would be everyone’s console of preference.

He commented: “Ease of use is of the utmost importance to us because we often run into a situation where a Lighting Designer has come in with a show and is only versed on a particular console.”

Jeff contacted entertainment lighting distributor A.C. Lighting Inc., who’d been a supplier for several years and was also the distributor for Jands’ Vista lighting console, a desk he was very keen to evaluate due to its totally visually based user interface.

When Jeff saw the demo he was extremely impressed by how quickly A.C. Vista Trainer Darryl Ross was able to move around the console interface using its 15″ color pen-tablet screen. He and General Manager Rocky Nufrio also felt confident that they would be able to program and execute a show using the desk after just an hour of watching Darryl programme complicated effects and clips.

The Vista is fundamentally different from other consoles in three ways major ways. It uses a unique window-based screen which is immediately familiar to anyone who’s ever used a modern computer application, making it incredibly fast, easy and intuitive to use. In addition, the introduction of a ‘timeline’ provides the complete picture and total control of lighting events, and a generic fixture model takes all the hassle out of changing fixtures.

Jeff commented: “Our decision to purchase a Vista T2 was based solely on the ease of use we found with it. The ability to set up the console and program quickly, as well as being able to change things on the fly, such as timings and parameters, was a big factor in our decision. With the Vista, we are confident that even if a Lighting Designer is only versed on one particular console, they will still be able to pull off an amazing show in no time at all. The support from Jands and A.C. Lighting has also been excellent, so we look forward to a long-lasting relationship with them.”

Sound Plus Show Systems Inc. will be using the Vista for a wide variety of small to medium size shows, ranging from rock and roll to corporate, tradeshows, festivals, and theatre-style events such as acrobatics and circus style shows.