Color Rendering Index CRI

The Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a measure of how faithfully a test light source can render a set of 15 defined colors when compared to a natural light source. The more balanced the rendering results are, the higher the CRI will be. If all test colors render equal to a tungsten halogen lamp the CRI would be 100.

A typical entertainment RGB led lighting fixture (Chroma-Q® Color Block™) has a CRI of 67. The MSR575 lamp fitted into many of the professional entertainment moving lights have a CRI of 70. Such are the advances in control technology that the latest Chroma-Q RGBA fixture (Color Force™) has a CRI of 92.

CRI Test Color Samples

Name Appr. Munsell Appearance under daylight Swatch
TCS01 7,5 R 6/4 Light greyish red tcs01
TCS02 5 Y 6/4 Dark greyish yellow tcs02
TCS03 5 GY 6/8 Strong yellow green tcs03
TCS04 2,5 G 6/6 Moderate yellowish green tcs04
TCS05 10 BG 6/4 Light bluish green tcs05
TCS06 5 PB 6/8 Light blue tcs06
TCS07 2,5 P 6/8 Light violet tcs07
TCS08 10 P 6/8 Light reddish purple tcs08
TCS09 4,5 R 4/13 Strong red tcs09
TCS10 5 Y 8/10 Strong yellow tcs10
TCS11 4,5 G 5/8 Strong green tcs11
TCS12 3 PB 3/11 Strong blue tcs12
TCS13 5 YR 8/4 Light yellowish pink (skin) tcs13
TCS14 5 GY 4/4 Moderate olive green (leaf) tcs14
TCS15 1 YR 6/4 Asian skin tcs15