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Leading Lights Newsletter - Issue 8

Welcome to Issue Eight of Leading Lights from A.C. Lighting Inc.

Wow!.... the market is alive and A.C. Lighting Inc. is moving forward at a dizzying pace. We've had an amazing response this year to the next generation of products from Chroma-Q® and Jands recently unveiled at several major shows.

InfoComm 2011 looks to be just as exciting, with the official launch of the new Chroma-Q® Studio Force™ Daylight and Variable white LED fixtures on our booth (#5279). We'll also be showing the well established Chroma-Q Color Force™ LED range, which continues to receive a lot of interest from the market.

Our booth will also feature the eagerly awaited Vista v2 software launch, which is now shipping with all hardware models in the Jands Vista lighting control range.

So mark your calendars and join us at the show in sunny Orlando June 15th – 17th and see all of the cool products A.C. Lighting will be showing.

infoComm11 logo

Get your free InfoComm pass with our complements:

VIP Passes to Infocomm @ www.infocommshow.org
VIP access code: ACL0083: Booth number 5279

Fred Mikeska

We look forward to seeing you there.


Fred Mikeska
VP Sales and Marketing
A.C. Lighting Inc.

Jands Vista v2 - Simple, Powerful, Visual

In April Jands released their highly anticipated Vista v2 software - the next generation of software for the award winning Vista console range. Redesigned from the ground up to allow all levels of users, from basic to advanced, get the most from whatever mix of dimmers, moving lights, LEDs, and Media servers they have to control, Vista v2 lets everyone focus on creating a show rather than on programming a desk.

Whether quickly making everything go red, delivering precise effects with multiple media servers, or wanting the flexibility to "just try something" live, Vista v2 offers the simplicity to work fast, with the power to control the finest details, to get the most value from all the technology on stage.

Media Vista V2 Screen Shot Matrix Vista V2 Screen Shot Fixture Chooser Vista V2 Screen Shot

Simple to use

  • Thumbnail import and graphical control of most industry standard media servers
  • Work with multiple fixture types at the same time
  • Simple storing options, with split fade times
  • Live time control for busking

Powerful control

  • Matrix control, with video mapping, onboard effects, and freehand drawing
  • Control down to individual parameters of individual fixtures
  • Tracking backup and autosave
  • Detailed selective storing options

Visual interface

  • Rich, easy to follow, "real world" views
  • Quickly create accurate, complex transitions with intuitive timeline view
  • Graphical preset, color and gobo images
  • See individual parts of multi-cell fixtures, or control all together as one

Already proving its worth on a whole range of shows around the world both big, small, simple, and complex, Vista v2 represents three years of development, testing, and refinement so you are able to deliver the show that is demanded of you. To find out just how much power and simplicity Vista v2 can offer or for more information on the wide range of hardware options Vista v2 is available with, visit www.jandsvista.com to download your own demo version for free.

Chroma-Q Studio Force D / V – Extreme Output White LED Fixtures

Chroma-Q Studio Force D 12

Building on the success and innovative core technologies of the Color Force RGBA range, the new Studio Force D (Daylight white 6,000K CCT) and Studio Force V (Variable white 2,900K – 6,000K CCT) LED fixtures are specifically designed for broadcast market applications.

With an extreme output ranging from 5,000 up to 28,000 lumens across the Studio Force range, the fixtures offer at least twice the output of their RGBA color variants.

Chroma-Q Studio Force V 12

The Studio Force product line is suitable for a wide range of lighting applications, including key-lighting, up lighting, shin-busting, backlighting and wash applications. As well as optional cyc and border lens media and a half snoot for 48" and 72" battens, there's also a full range of Chimera adaptor, egg crate louver, top hat, half top hat, barn door, spigot adaptor and softbox accessories for the multi-purpose 12" fixture.

Catch the official launch of the Studio Force range on our booth at InfoComm.

Softbox Accessory Chimera Adaptor Accessory Studio Force D 48 and Studio Force V 72

All Chroma-Q LED models are manufactured in North America. Full details on the Studio Force range will be announced shortly on www.chroma-q.com.

Chroma-Q Color Force - LED Cyc Lighting Takes Center Stage

At shows this year attendees have been amazed by the technical performance of the Chroma-Q Color Force™ range, which has been very well received in the broadcast, audio-visual, theatre and worship markets.

The list of rental shops investing in Color Force continues to expand as Bob Moisan, VP Sales & Marketing at Intelligent Lighting Creations, Inc. says: "They have rarely been in the shop (out on rentals and shows) so that is a good thing. Our clients have given them great reviews so we're very happy with the product."

With their power across the spectrum, from deep cold blues to red hot lava and super soft pastel looks all from a single fixture, and ability to easily wash up to 26ft with smooth, theatrical grade dimming, the Color Force fixtures are an ideal choice for Cyc and Wash applications – such as the UK-based Welsh National Opera's current touring production of "Die Fledermaus".

Color Force used on Die Fledermaus Color Force used on Die Fledermaus

Photos by Clive Barda.

Eight Color Force 72 (inch) LED battens providing Cyc illumination are key to the visuality and impact of the overall lighting, and particularly come alive during Prince Orlofsky's Ball in the second act, where they slowly, smoothly and subtly morph into a series of different vibrant and subtle pastel colors, reflecting the vibe and atmosphere of the occasion... and all the complicated scenarios unfolding!

Read the full press release.

Chroma-Q LED at the Detroit Auto Show

Auto LED and Color Force fixtures illuminate the GM booth

Being born in Detroit and growing up within earshot of the legendary Woodward Avenue, it was an absolute thrill to be involved with Rick O'Neill and Light Source, Inc. as they provided an energy efficient lighting solution for General Motors' auto show applications.

The energy efficient Light Source AutoLED debuted at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show, the same show where the revolutionary, electric Chevrolet Volt made its production debut.

The AutoLED matches the output of a 575 watt Daylight Par (20,000 lumens), while providing LED energy efficiency (less than 330 watts). Think of a Chevrolet Volt that packs the punch of a Z06 Corvette.

It is very common for designers to use fixtures with 575 watt arc sources to illuminate cars. The 575 watt arc lamps are no doubt the work horses on the auto show circuit.

After Rick saw a prototype of a high-intensity 'direct illumination' white LED fixture for the entertainment market being developed by our sister company, Spectrum Manufacturing Inc. - who design and manufacture the Chroma-Q range - it seemed as though they might be able to produce an LED fixture for Rick that would provide the intensity of a 575 watt arc lamp while consuming less energy.


The AutoLED is a custom unit which incorporates some of the very latest engineering and LED technology found in the Chroma-Q Color Force fixtures, including lens and dimming technology. The LED fixture body is then mounted to an Apollo Right Arm™ and scroller for added flexibility.

400 AutoLED fixtures were utilized to illuminate all car models on the GM booth, including the new Chevrolet Volts.

Light Source, Inc. has been incorporating Chroma-Q products in the GM booth for the past six years, including the Daylight Par™, the original Color Block™ and Color Block 2™.

In addition to the AutoLED, GM's New York Auto Show booth featured 189 Color Force fixtures, which were used to illuminate a massive architectural feature down the middle of the booth.

Upcoming Tradeshows


See Us At:

InfoComm, Orlando, Booth 5279 - 15-17 June

PLASA, London, Stand 1-E10 / 1- E12
11-14 September
(As A.C. Entertainment Technologies)

LDI, Orlando, Booth 403 - 27-30 October

Bargain Offers

Chroma-Q Color Split

Ex-Demo Chroma-Q® Color Split™ LED Fixtures

Only $750 each

The Chroma-Q Color Split's dual side-by-side RGBA cells provide designers with the flexibility to light a bold single color or project a wide range of dramatic split color effects from a single LED fixture.

Call: 416-255-9494

Offer valid until July 31st 2011

Profile-n-Style - Eric Bartnes

Eric Bartnes

What was your most interesting show in 2010? Why?

"Well aside from all the bands and corporate shows, I started at CTV as a TV LD. I like it because it's a new skill set I'm learning, the days are way shorter and I get to sleep in my own bed."

First album ever purchased?

Black Sabbath, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

Last three songs downloaded?

Monkey Bars - Coney Hatch
Run Like Hell - Pink Floyd
The Hockey - Theme Neil Peart

Lighting for fun:
Truck load of conventional, movers or antique gas lights?

Gimme the gas, I already know the other stuff

What are your thoughts about the convergence of video and lighting?

I love it. I saw it coming and jumped into video with both feet. I own Catalyst media servers and almost 1/3 of my year is spent running video beside my brothers in lighting

Where do you see lighting in the next 5 years?

Let the trend continue. Smaller Brighter Cheaper. I'd like to see all LED fixtures include white or amber, more manufacturers implement RDM in fixtures and consoles.

Other stuff

Almost 30 years running my own company.
Never had a full time job
Love A.C. lighting as it uses Canadian manufacturing and R&D

Dynamo & BadNutBeats Michelle Wright 54/40

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