Leading Lights

Issue 2

Welcome to Issue Two of Leading Lights from A.C. Lighting.

With summer racing by, there is no time at A.C. Lighting Inc. for the dog days of summer. WFX Spring '09 and Infocomm are barely in our rearview mirrors, and it is fair to say that both shows provided an exciting glimpse into the future. We are readily approaching the fall season with an upbeat outlook and even bigger plans for 2010.

Fred Mikeska

I hope you enjoy this issue of Leading Lights.


Fred Mikeska

In this issue...

A.C. Lighting on Tour

Color Block 2

A.C. Lighting exhibited at the Infocomm Show in Orlando FL, and received a great response. The new Chroma-Q Color Block 2 LED fixture has received rave reviews since its launch in February. One of the more recent reviews written by Richard Cadena, Editor of PLSN, provides an excellent summary of the Color Block 2™ product benefits. The wide and rich color palette and smooth dimming curve of Color Block 2 fixture brought nods of appreciation and wide smiles to all who saw our tradeshow demo. For Richard Cadena’s complete review, click here>

As usual, the award-winning Jands Vista range of lighting consoles drew crowds from live entertainment, corporate AV, Houses of Worship, lighting designers and programmers.

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NEW Magic Box EtherSwitch 7

EtherSwitch 7

Infocomm marked the launch of the new Magic Box EtherSwitch 7, a touring grade Ethernet switch that supports simultaneous computer connections. The EtherSwitch 7 is light years ahead of the normal Ethernet switch solution available from the local big box electronics stores.

The elegant rack mount or truss mount Magic Box design eliminates the fragile plastic cases and dreaded wall warts common with switches designed to live in a computer room. The EtherSwitch 7 is equipped with seven shielded EtherCon ports (RJ45) - 2 front / 5 rear - providing 10 / 100 / 1000 Mbps bandwidth in full duplex mode. This stand-alone unit enables the concurrent use of various multimedia devices within a network without traffic restrictions.

List Price $792.00

Artistic Licence Net-Lynx O/P

Art-Net to DMX512


Need to go from Art-Net to DMX 512? Take a look at the Artistic Licence Net-Lynx™ O/P, a small desktop Ethernet to DMX512 converter that converts Art-Net Ethernet data into two universes of DMX512.

Net-Lynx O/P is housed in a small, robust extruded case. The Ethernet connection is made via a latching Neutrik XLR-RJ45 connector. This connector also accepts standard RJ45's. The power input can be either from the Ethernet cable using the IEEE 802.3 standard, or from an external power supply.

The front panel provides two DMX512-A outlets. Each outlet is designed to support the planned Remote Device Management Protocol (RDM). Configuration is simplicity itself, with three rotary dials used to select the required DMX512 universe.

List Price $975.00

Chroma-Q Color Web - Killer Tour Effects

Color Web

Color Web on the Killers

Lighting designer Steven Douglas is using 265 square meters of Color Web 125 LED panels to provide a curved video effect backdrop for the stage design of platinum indie rock band The Killers' current 'Day & Age World Tour 2009'.

The tour sees them perform 55 dates in 14 countries to almost half a million people. The tour has completed its European leg and returns for more dates in the US and Canada at the end of August.

The Chroma-Q Color Web LED matrix's versatility and choice of display resolutions has proved a winning combination with leading designers on a wide range of concert tours, television shows and special events.

Read the full release here >

Chroma-Q Color Punch

Super bright results from a compact fixture

Color Punch


Need an LED fixture with a big strong 'punch' of color and a super-soft field? Or an LED fixture that is comfortable working side-by-side with your favorite ellipsoidal? The Chroma-Q Color Punch is the fixture for you.

Compact yet powerful the Color Punch provides designers with a bright 1250 lumens of output, a nice flat field and superb color mixing. Combined with its IP65 rated, tough machined aluminium and high impact plastic casing, this makes the Color Punch suitable for use on even the most demanding lighting applications.

Special Net Price: US $1020

Offer ends 30th September 2009

NEW - Bargain Stock Home Page

Bargain Stock

Sizzling summer specials available.

Our new Bargain Stock web page has been well received and frequently visited. Many items have been sold and others have had their prices reduced, offering you the chance of some fantastic bargains.

Look for unbelievable prices on kits of 5 and 30 Chroma-Q Color Blocks (with power supplies and cables – everything you need!).

Also available are stunning offers on Robert Juliat followspots and ex-demo DTS Delta LED fixtures.

Take some time to take a look at the bargains – amazing value!

Visit now, call us or e-mail northamerica@aclighting.com for the latest prices.

Pro-File 'n' Style - Nick Wisdom


Nick Wisdom is a freelance lighting and scenic designer based out of Providence, Rhode Island. Nick often finds himself designing and programming corporate events, theatre and special events across the USA and beyond. His specialty lies in achieving the delicate balance between lighting for the camera and the live audience. Nick is a long-time Vista user and proud owner. He can be reached at nick@nickwisdom.com.

Nick Wisdom Front of House setup

Nick Wisdom - Medco

Nick Wisdom - Medco


Yankees or Red Sox?

Celtics, Bruins, Patriots or Red Sox?
Red Sox! I'm a huge baseball fan... I don't pay much attention to the other sports, but its great to live in New England where we have so many competitive teams.

Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts?
Starbucks... Venti Pike Please!

Last three songs downloaded?
The Foo Fighters complete discography. Great stuff.

Top three gel colors, mfg and gel#
Lee 201 Full C.T. Blue
Lee 253 Hampshire Frost
Lee 079 Just Blue


Batman, Spiderman, Superman? Why?
Batman... as he's the closest to reality of the bunch as well as the darkest and most interesting character.

Favorite Vista set-up? PC and monitor specs for the techies too please
I've really enjoyed working on a wide variety of Vista platforms from my own S3 setup to the I3, or when I work on larger projects a T2 with an S3 sidecar for lots of faders and room to spread out. But my favorite would have to be my own setup as its been a great investment for me and I really enjoy knowing going into any show that my Vista is sitting at FOH.

Specs on my system are:
Vista S3 Wing
Toshiba 17" laptop with trackball mouse
2.0Ghz, 2 Gig Ram, 256 Meg Discrete video card, 7200RPM HD
19" widescreen external monitor
Wireless router and Toshiba 12" tablet PC as a setup, focus and cueing remote that also becomes the backup to the larger Toshiba if needed.