Vista & Color Blocks Supplied for Heineken National Sales Meeting

Design one associate lighting designer Tim Plummer and programmer Laura Frank specified a Jands Vista T2 lighting console and Chroma-Q® Color Blocks as part of the lighting rig for Heineken’s national sales meeting in San Antonio.

The brief for the four day event, which was held for Heineken employees and its 2,500 distributors from around the country, was to add a real “wow” factor to the sales meeting using innovative new entertainment technologies.

Event company design one provided many leading-edge solutions for the lighting and set design, including using a Jands Vista lighting console for control of the rig: “We saw a demo of the Jands Vista and were blown away by it.” said design one president Christian Methot.

Vista programmer Laura commented: “Vista is a strong visual base that anyone on the design team can communicate with. Everyone can paint and create with it. I’m very excited about its potential for future use.”

After the show started with a traditional presentation with speakers, a series of brand presentations gave Tim and Laura the chance to ramp things up to reinforce the branding. Scenes included a comical Mexican bus for Tecate and Bohemia, a tasteful candlelit dinner in Amstel’s upscale “gallery” setting and Heineken’s surprise Green Machine, which had a Matrix and Minority Report feel.

Each brand family was followed by a total scenery change and between Amstel and Heineken, there was an intermission where the audience returned to a greatly changed room, filled with haze and the walls pulsating green with moving textures. A sci-fi logo and countdown were displayed on screens with supporting audio. Following a short countdown, lights swept through the house, the room went to black and impact video started to run. Each vertical truss warmer lit up in a rapid domino succession, a pyro blast blinded by the audience, and the Heineken brand director was revealed as the smoke cleared.

Adding to the building excitement on the stage were green lasers and two full-colour RGB mixing lasers featuring brand-specific identities like bottle caps, labels, and themes pulled from the scenic design.

The show rig incorporated an extensive range of fixtures, including Martin Mac 2000 Wash and Profile lights, High End Cyberlight Turbos and ETC Source Fours.

To continue the main design theme elements from the auditorium into casual gathering areas in the foyer, and set the tone for the meeting areas, Chroma-Q® Color Block LED fixtures were chosen for uplighters due to their very compact, space saving design and high brightness output.