Spectrum Manufacturing Inc. Launch SpectraLite Cases

After 5 years in development, Spectrum Manufacturing have launched the SpectraLite Combi Case, the first in a range of injection moulded cases using a custom blended thermoplastic resin. In extensive testing over the past two years the Combi Case has stood up impeccably in cold Canadian winters and hot Florida summers.

SpectraLite cases although often lighter than conventional flight cases, are designed to withstand harsh touring environments, but if damage does occur they are easily repaired.

One of their main advantages is the unique ribbing system, allowing the case to be reconfigured easily by repositioning simple inserts giving the customer total flexibility. It’s a cable case, motors case, accessory case, scroller case, the list goes on and on. Other advantages of the case are that it is water resistant and because the materials used are recyclable, it is environmentally friendly.

The case is also available to OEM’s and case manufacturers around the world in flat pack form and can be assembled in approximately 30 minutes, allowing huge savings that can be made on both transportation and storage.

Currently the SpectraLite Combi Case is manufactured in charcoal but other colours are expected to be introduced in the future.