Siyan Supply Chroma-Q Color Blocks for Athlete Shows at Brixton Academy

Rental company Siyan recently supplied 20 Chroma-Q® Color Blocks for use on alternative rock band Athlete’s 3 nights at Brixton Academy in April.

Athlete are currently touring the UK to promote their No.1 album, Tourist, so to celebrate the London band’s homecoming gigs and completely sold out 3 night residency at Brixton Academy, tour Lighting design and rental company Siyan were looking to raise the lighting production values for these key dates.

Siyan Lighting Designer Bryan Leitch and co-designer Dom Smith decided to add an extra visual backdrop during particular songs in the band’s set. The effect involved using White canvas drops lowered just above stage height and washing these in vibrant colours to provide a strong contrast of stage backlighting.

To light the drops required an LED batten solution which could be floor-mounted directly below each of the four 0.75m wide canvas strips. The fixture needed to be very bright to uplight the full stage height of the drops and produce a certain richness of colour when creating the backdrop’s bold colours.

Siyan found that the LED battens they were already using on the tour rig didn’t provide a direct enough source of light and caused a lot of overspill either side of the drops, due to their long length. Bryan had heard of the modular design Chroma-Q® Color Block LED fixture, which could be configured as a continuous line of blocks made up of separate battens 0.25m – 1.25m wide in length, so he decided to specify it for the job.

The 20 Color Blocks were configured as 2-way and 3-way battens in front of each drop and operated in HSI mode on an Avolites Diamond 4 Elite console.

Show lighting co-designer and console operator Dom Smith commented: “I’m very impressed with the Color Block. Its modularity made it ideal for this job as we could configure it to just the right width and it provided a very bright, even light output. In HSI mode I got really strong, rich colours – especially the Cyan Blue and Magenta Red. All in all it’s a very versatile fixture.”

Siyan have also recently used Color Blocks on other concert events filmed for TV broadcast.