Projection Mapping Transforms Raise the Reef 2018 into an Aquarium

On April 28, 2018, the Raise the Reef Charity Event took place at the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo Florida. This important dinner and auction raised funds and awareness for the conservation and restoration of our coral reefs, which are one of the world’s most endangered ecosystems.

When guests entered the Ocean Reef Club, they walked into a giant aquarium with a coral reef and fish swimming around them. Tony Durand, Computer Graphics Artist at PSAV designed and operated the video projection for the event. The aquarium was created using ArKaos MediaMaster Pro, which was controlled via a Jands Stage CL lighting console.

Tony used six servers to create the entire ambiance. The servers were connected to a Jands Stage CL that was broadcasting ArtNet over a network router. The Stage CL allows Tony to trigger the use of all the servers at the same time, creating a seamless, 360° video around the room.

“The Stage CL is key to obtain a full 360° aquarium video that looks seamless. We had floor-to-ceiling white drape around the entire room that was used to display the video. The ArKaos software was used to crop and blend the video to 13 projectors around the room. The Stage CL was used to trigger all the necessary layers on each server so that they all sync’d up,” explained Tony.

During the event, presentations needed to be made on stage. Two stage server outputs went to a switcher to allow for the presentations on the screens. When presentations were not being made, the room was turned back into an aquarium.

“What I like about using ArKaos and Jands together is the simplicity of operating the video on multiple servers. The ArKaos is flexible, easy to setup with plug-and-play operation. Setting up the lighting board to the ArKaos server is quick, which is key for me,” comments Tony. “It takes me longer to connect the wiring than it does to program the console to control the servers.”

Products Used:

  • ArKaos Media Servers x 5
  • ArKaos Stage Server x 1
  • Jands Stage CL x 1

(Videos courtesy of Tony Durand)



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