Platte Woods United Methodist Church Uses Chroma-Q to Inspire

For over 50 years, Platte Woods United Methodist Church (PWUMC) had been offering worship services to the people of Platte Woods, Missouri and its surrounding areas – quite successfully.

However, outreach initiatives and research showed that there were over 40,000 people living within close proximity who were not connected to a church. If the church could involve even two percent of that disconnected demographic, they would double the number of people who experienced PWUMC each week.

The membership committee went to work.

As part of the overall vision, they identified the need for a gathering space that would connect people to all existing ministries and additional worship area with an increase of 750 seats.

The larger worship space would aim to allow for more people to participate comfortably in worship services. This was of utmost importance as the church sought to appeal to those not accustomed to attending church services.

To enhance the experience for parishioners and newcomers alike, the committee decided to equip the facility with the latest multimedia capabilities and a worship platform that would accommodate a wide variety of music and presentation configurations. This would expand the range of worship experiences and events PWUMC could offer.

Their vision became a reality Christmas of 2016.

Today, the come-as-you are house of worship hosts various services, from traditional to contemporary.

To light the larger area, the team at Stark Raving Solutions had 54 Chroma-Q ® Inspire ™ fixtures installed.

“We wanted even-ness across the room and the Inspire was a good fit,” said Marcus Hammond, Church Resource Director at Stark Raving Solutions. “We knew the Inspire was a good product.”

Chroma-Q Inspire LED house light is a powerful multi-purpose creative lighting tool that provides users with the ability to transform the look and feel of their venue by seamlessly transcending the physical barrier between the stage and audience.

Providing a range of beautiful whites, soft pastels and bold saturates, the Inspire’s fully homogenized lens options offer a choice of stunning mixed colors with no unsightly color separation shadows, in an energy-efficient compact LED design providing reduced maintenance and running costs.

[The Inspire is] “Flexible, cost-effective and reliable,” said Marcus. [It offers] “Ease of installation with the new fixture control interface (external control box). Platte Woods is very pleased with the look of the Inspire fixtures and the experience that it helps them provide. SRS chose/recommended the fixtures because of multiple good experiences with Chroma-Q in other installs.”

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