Jands Vistas Sold to Bandit Lites for Major Tours

Bandit Lites Inc. has invested in Jands Vista consoles for major international concert tours as part of a long-term upgrade of its rental stock inventory.

The purchase came about after Jands’ exclusive North American distributor, A.C. Lighting Inc., was invited to a shootout alongside three other major console manufacturers at Bandit’s US headquarters in Knoxville, TN.

The production rental company was looking to invest in a next-generation lighting console which they felt would meet their long-term touring needs, so Bandit invited touring LDs to share their thoughts and opinions on the four consoles.

Bandit Lites founder and CEO Michael Strickland commented: “We were trying to find a console we thought could be our go to standard and the Vista received unanimous approval from the LDs at the demo. We did the demo in March and now have Vistas out on three major tours, with other large tours in the pipeline as well. We are very happy with the success of this console!”

Chief Operating Officer Pete Heffernan added: “We’d been very interested in the Vista since our UK office purchased one and we then got a demo at LDI, but it wasn’t until we started seeing lots of interest from LDs that we realized it was time to invest. We listen to what the LDs say and provide it, and many of the LDs are saying Jands Vista.”

Once the LDs had been given the chance to see the Vista in action, they realized how much easier the console’s unique graphic user interface made building lighting designs. Combined with an innovative timeline editing function and generic fixture model, these features make the Vista incredibly fast, simple and intuitive to use.

Bandit Lites is one of the lighting industry’s premier lighting rental companies. The international headquarters in Knoxville, TN, has been supplying the industry for more than 38 years and has an impressive line-up of clients covering the concert and touring, film, television, theatre and special events entertainment fields. The company also specialises in proving architectural design and installation services for the corporate sector.