Jands Vista Goes on the Road with Dierks Bentley

Lighting Designer, Chris Reade is touring non-stop this summer using a Jands Vista T2 console and S1 wing to control lighting for Platinum selling country music artist, Dierks Bentley on the Miranda Lambert and Dierks Bentley: Locked & Reloaded Tour.

Spanning across most of 2013, the Locked & Reloaded Tour is an exciting, action-packed event featuring two of country music’s hottest artists; and for this Chris needs a powerful, reliable and rock solid system to control the show.

First introduced to the Jands Vista platform in 2008, Chris was immediately impressed with its simple, powerful operation – quickly adopting the technology as his preferred choice of control. Since then Chris has purchased his own Vista T2, S1 and M1 consoles, and hasn’t looked back since!

Chris’s lighting design perfectly complements the set design by Bruce Rodgers of Tribe Inc, which is both large and ambitious – incorporating custom designed Chroma-Q® LED lighting filled set pieces, video wall, video projection and moving pantographs, as well as a large quantity of profile, spot, wash and strobe fixtures.

Dierks Bentley’s design had to be versatile in order to switch between Locked & Reloaded Tour dates, solo headlining tour dates and the summer’s biggest fairs and festivals. Vista’s powerful v2 software made this complex task much more simple by offering “rock solid” functions such as Fixture Swap, which allows Chris to easily swap and clone programming between different fixture types, and Timeline, which allows him to get in at the finest details quickly and accurately.

Using his Vista T2 for main playback, Chris also utilizes his S1 which provides him with extra control to make adjustments outside of the programmed design – this is “really useful” for live takeovers during the set.

Commenting on Vista’s innovative Timeline function Chris explains “I can’t say enough positive things about Timeline – being able to see everything, every parameter of every instrument per cue is huge.

With video projection incorporated heavily into Dierks’ design, Chris is really focused on the “bigger picture” for this tour – programming with the overall show in mind rather than concentrating on just one part of the production.

Vista’s visual, easy-to-use operation allows him to have maximum control over every parameter with minimal effort, which he describes as being “Far superior than number crunching.”

Having played several large festivals on the tour, Chris also gives praise to Vista’s quick, reliable Fixture Swap function, “Instead of having to busk every festival show, I can very quickly and easily swap instruments and adjust the tour show programming – making the overall product much more detailed.

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