Hill Country Bible Church Uses Chroma-Q Fixtures to Inspire

North America – Originally opening its doors in 1986 and completing construction in 1999, Hill Country Bible Church in Austin, Texas has provided a place for those looking for a life-changing experience to gather. Offering a multitude of programs and services to the greater Austin area, the Church embraces the true meaning as “come as you are” and has dedicated itself to creating an unforgettable experience for those who walk into its 1596 – seat sanctuary, which is housed within a 70, 000 square foot building.

The building’s EIFs cladded envelope blankets an exterior elevation that is multidimensional. The interior space consists of concrete slab-on-grade, which is stepped and sloped at 5%. Just above is mezzanine seating that accommodates an additional 609 people.

With almost 18 years of utilizing 900W fixtures, the church’s production department assessed that it was time for a change. This would call for a complete transition to LED lighting, while incorporating full color and control capabilities to enhance the congressional experience during worship.

To achieve the desired emotional and visual experience, the Church installed 114 Chroma-Q® Inspire™ LED house lights and 66 Chroma-Q Inspire Mini™ LED house lights.

“We chose Chroma-Q because of the smooth dimming and color changing, the lack of ‘skittles’ with the LED, in addition to our need for a pendant fixture,” said Danny Isom, Production Director at Hill Country Bible Church.

The Chroma-Q Inspire LED house light is a powerful multi-purpose creative lighting tool that provides users with the ability to transform the look and feel of their venue by seamlessly transcending the physical barrier between the stage and audience.

Providing a range of beautiful whites, soft pastels and bold saturates, the Inspire’s fully homogenized lens options offer a choice of stunning mixed colors with no unsightly color separation shadows. Danny is particularly impressed with the “full color control and a brighter room when running white lights” which is attributed to the fixture’s high lumen output.

Inspire is compact, yet powerful, adjustable from 1,000K to 10,000K, boasts theatrical grade dimming, is silent convection cooled (no fans needed), has a built-in power supply, all packaged within in an energy-efficient compact LED design that provides reduced maintenance and running costs, a benefit that the team at HCBC quickly discovered.

“We have an overall energy savings of $14,000 since the install, as well,” said Danny about the cost savings accrued over eight months (in comparison to the prior year).

Chroma-Q products, including Inspire, offer an energy efficient alternative to traditional tungsten fixtures, or to complement existing systems.

For more information about Hill Country Bible Church visit: www.hcbc.com