Chroma-Q Transforms Frostburg State University Events Spaces

Maryland’s Frostburg State University has invested in Chroma-Q®Color Force 48™ premium performance LED battens and Chroma-Q Color Charge Plus™ wireless LED fixtures to provide ‘flawless dimming’ and ‘incredible color mixing’ for its varied calendar of events.

Austin Hout, Assistant Director at the College’s Lane University Center, which is the hub of its live music, party, and meeting events, specified the Color Force 48 1.2m / 48″ length fixtures: “Our investment in Chroma-Q LED fixtures began with Color Force battens, which we purchased to wash a roll drop cyc in our ballroom. We required a fixture that had seamless dimming, unmatched color mixing, and was durable enough to withstand the abuse of being set up and struck more than 120 times a year!

“Though there were multiple fixtures that were considered for this investment, none of them could compete with the smoothness of the Color Force’s dimming, particularly at low intensities, and the uniformity of the color wash. The units have proven to be the workhorse for our facility and have easily fulfilled their role as reliable, versatile fixtures.”

The Lane University Center is set up to cater for a huge variety of events, meaning each production, meeting, or presentation it hosts needs a bespoke lighting arrangement. The Center’s Color Force 48s are utilised in a variety of locations for wall and drape washes, or as cyc washes in the main ballroom.

“The Color Force battens excel as cyc washes thanks to the natural blend of color that the units emit from the LED head,” explains Austin. “We also regularly mount them vertically to box truss to add a dynamic upstage element that enhances a band’s presence on stage during large concerts, or place them on runways to uplight models with a soft amber glow. Regardless of where and how we utilise Chroma-Q products, their impressive light output and effortless range of colors continues to transform events and surpass our expectations.”

Following the Center’s positive experience with the Color Force fixtures, the team required an LED wall wash fixture to help connect the lobby and lounge spaces by transforming and enhancing the atmosphere of the entire facility.

“We required a completely wireless system – DMX and power – since the fixtures were going to be located on the main staircase, structural support columns, and other building features that would not only be difficult to wire signal and power to, but would also be visually unattractive.”

To achieve this, Austin purchased 36x Chroma-Q Color Charge Plus 600 lumen, battery powered, wireless DMX fixtures, designed for indoor temporary lighting applications where wiring is a challenge or where install speed is critical.

“The market was saturated with entry-level DJ oriented wireless LED systems, but we entrusted the proven performance and reliability of Chroma-Q products and haven’t turned back since,” says Austin. “The Color Charge Plus fixtures are easy to store, easy to charge offsite, and easy to set up – three important factors when storage space and the availability of both our student staff and venue are limited.”

Amy Fynes, Assistant Director, Student Activities at Frostburg State University, adds: “Every month, the Lane University Center hosts a large, late night event called ‘Late @ Lane’. The purpose of this event is to provide a high quality event for students on the weekend. According to student survey feedback and staff input, atmosphere is the most significant aspect of the night. Students are searching for a place to socialise that looks completely different than the student Center does during the daytime hours and the Chroma-Q Color Force and Color Charge fixtures help us transform the facility into the nightclub atmosphere that students desire.”

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