Chroma-Q Provides Colorful Solutions for Snow Patrol World Tour

Lighting Designer Dave Sherwin has specified two hundred square metres of Chroma-Q® Color Web 250 and ninety Chroma-Q® Color Block DB4s as part of his set visuals for the Snow Patrol world tour.

Dave was introduced to the Color Blocks last year when he was looking for a new LED fixture to take out on some summer festival dates with the band, and then added Color Web to his re-designed lighting rig for the 2006/2007 world tour. Kicking off last year with a Winter Arena tour of the UK and Ireland, the band visited Europe in February and follow up with dates in Australia, North America and Japan throughout 2007.

Blackburn based rental company HSL, the main lighting contractor for the tour, sourced the two LED lighting products from Chroma-Q® exclusive distributor A.C. Lighting.

Dave’s lighting concept was to use a low resolution LED screen as a backdrop to tour Video Director Blue Leach’s five large high resolution screens (supplied by XL Video), to work as a contrast against, and give more depth to, the screen visuals.

In addition, Dave wanted to light through the screen from behind using various fixtures, so Color Web 250’s semi-transparent design and pixel resolution provided the ideal combination for his requirements.

The twenty metre wide by ten metre high Color Web 250 screen is driven by a Catalyst digital media server programmed and operated by Robin Haddow. The web provides a soft fade for content running on the hard-hitting main video screens, such as the band’s Snowflake logo and other geometric shapes, and as a colour backing for the live performance footage.

The Color Web is lit from behind using large Synchrolite B52 searchlights, creating its own effect by breaking up the beams as they pass through the screen. In addition, Dave used three Kinesys adjustable trusses fitted with various moving lights and aligned in a row upstage to backlight the Color Web. Each moving truss features three Robe ColorSpot 2500s, eight 4-cell moles, twelve Hungaro Quazar Strobes and eleven Robe ColorSpot 2500ATs.

Dave also used ninety Color Block DB4 LED fixtures in his design to create an overall big look and fill in the gaps around the stage with little blasts of light. Due to the DB4’s compact size and range of mounting options, he was able to scatter the Color Blocks all over the rig, including across the floor, backline, all over the trusses, on the riser fronts and even the ladders.

The stage lighting also features a Litec front truss pre-rig system consisting of six Source Four profiles, 1200W Robert Juliat Manon spotlights, eight 8-lite Molefeys with scrollers and twenty two 4-cell moles.

HSL worked with Litec and their exclusive UK dealer, A.C. Lighting, to specially develop a new truss to overcome the long spans and high loads Dave needed for his set design. Litec Multi-rig was the result, a truss system able to accommodate a mixture of both generic lanterns and moving lights, enabling a single span of truss to be used to create mixed lighting rigs easily. The design allows the fixtures to travel within the truss instead of being de-rigged every night, negating the need for flight cases and saving valuable truck space and load-in/load-out time. The truss also came with a permanent “HSL” branding laser cut into the Clamp modules.

HSL also supplied thirty 1000kg model ‘L’ CM Lodestar chain hoists, twenty 500kg model ‘F’ CM Lodestar chain hoists and eight CM Prostar 250kg chain hoists for the tour which were also sourced from A.C. Lighting.

Dave Sherwin commented: “The Color Web has added a really unique element to the design – the way you can light through it to create an extra effects layer between the main video and lighting. The Color Blocks are also great – really versatile and low maintenance. There’s so many different ways of using them and you can fit them almost anywhere to create a big look very easily. I’m also really impressed with the Litec pre-rig. It’s a great system which goes up nicely and has a very long reach for one piece of truss. It’s saved us a lot of rigging time and hassle.”