Chroma-Q LED Lighting Shines on Houses of Worship

US Church lighting specialist, Fredrick and Emily’s Church Renovations, has specified fixtures from the Chroma-Q® LED range to provide an energy-efficient, color changing lighting solution for its house of worship clients.

After seeing the Chroma-Q LED range, Paul Martini the company’s lighting designer and consultant was impressed by the fixtures’ high lumens output, choice of applications and choice of configurations.

Paul specified the Chroma-Q Color Span™ fixture for the Saint Vincent Ferrer Church in Naugatuck, Connecticut to downlight the chapel’s altar platform and backlight a statue of Mary in their cry room. The Color Span’s range of configurable options enabled him to tailor the fixture lengths, LED colors and beam angles to suit the lighting application.

Using a wall-mounted DMX control system, the Church can manually mix the separate RGBA colors or select preset white, amber, blue and lavender looks to reflect the mood of different occasions taking place in the sanctuary on a daily basis such as worship services, weddings and funerals. The cry room’s statue and back wall, which can be seen by anyone who enters through the sanctuary’s main doors, are lit in the Church’s color scheme of choice for each day.

Paul also specified Chroma-Q White Punch™ white LED fixtures in the Church’s Narthex to highlight a series of statues and paintings whenever the building is open. The compact fixtures are discreetly mounted from the Narthex ceiling and provide a bright ‘daylight’ washlight in keeping with the sanctuary house lighting.

For the Dryland United Church of Christ in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, Paul specified Chroma-Q Color Punch™ LED fixtures to light a statue behind the altar platform and provide a contrasting background color to make a feature of the area. The units feature convection cooling providing completely silent operation during services in the sanctuary.

The LED fixtures were supplied by Chroma-Q North American distributor, A.C. Lighting Inc.

Paul commented: “As a designer, replacing incandescent or halogen lamps with another halogen lamp fixture makes no sense. The Chroma-Q LED fixtures are our primary lighting choice, producing an impressive lumens output at their wattage. The Color Span’s configurable optics allows for a visual unity of the same fixture with custom beam angles. The unit has also brought the concept of remote power supplies to the table. This keeps the fixture low profile for cove lighting and enables the power supply to be located out of sight at an easy to reach location, which is a benefit for customers.”

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