Chroma-Q Color Span Delivers Lighting Vision for Faith Christian Family Church

The Faith Christian Family Church in New Mexico recently transformed the look of its worship music services with a 70 foot Chroma-Q Color Span LED stage wash light installation and a Jands Vista S3 control system.

The Church wanted high production values for its services, which as well as being attended by a large congregation, are also broadcast on a community television station with the same quality look to its programming as the major network stations.

Production Director Brad Carignan approached entertainment lighting supplier A.C. Lighting Inc. at the InfoComm show with a drawing of the Church Pastor’s vision. The Pastor wanted to update their very traditional looking cream colored stage back wall and white pillars by washing the entire 70 foot length in color, while simultaneously punching the stage with spots and washes.

A.C. Lighting Inc.’s Fred Mikeska told Brad about a Chroma-Q LED fixture developed to solve these exact design criteria. The new Color Span fixture is a low profile, ultra bright LED wash light system that’s ideal for wall, cove and feature lighting installations. The Color Span fixture provides a very powerful 1500 lumens output per 4 foot, and is available in a choice of body lengths, IP ratings, body colors, LED colors, and optics, enabling users to tailor the fixture to their specific project requirements.

Brad was also interested in a state of the art control system for the new stage lighting. He knew Jands from his old touring days, but had not yet seen their Vista control solutions range, so Fred provided a demo.

Brad commented: “The Color Span and the Vista were the only products on the InfoComm floor that did what we wanted to do. We wanted to spend the money to be out in front, rather than chasing someone else, and invest in a system that had plenty of potential to develop with our future needs.

A.C. Lighting Inc. supplied a combination of 32″ and 48″ Color Span fixture lengths to downlight the 70 foot back wall length in bold color, and 16″ units to wash six stage pillars in contrasting accent lighting. The entire Color Span back wall length is powered from just a single wall outlet and power supply unit, providing an ultra bright but highly efficient LED light source compared to conventional luminaires.

The Church also purchased a Jands Vista S3 console from A.C. to control the Color Span fixtures and other luminaires, including Robe 575 spots and washes. Featuring an intuitive, volunteer-friendly visual interface, innovative timeline editing and generic fixture model, the Vista is both fast and simple to use.

Brad commented: “Faith Christian Family Church is thrilled with the response our congregation has had to the addition of the Color Span and Vista products to our facility, and highly recommend the services of A.C. Lighting Inc. Churches should be leading the way in technology and not following along after 15 years. Our worship service has come alive with a range of exciting, bold colors using the Color Span LED fixtures.