ArKaos Releases MediaMaster Pro 5.0

ArKaos officially announced the launch of the NEW MediaMaster Pro 5.0 with MediaHub!

With this Professional Media Server Software, multiple server synchronization is only one click away. Featuring up to 36 layers, this Professional Media Server Software turns any computer into a full-fledged professional media server capable of running video shows in sync on multiple servers.

‘The new update has a much more polished look and really focuses on speeding up workflow,”  said Arnoldo Offermann, DJ, MC and lighting designer. “Stability is rock solid as always, but the most exciting thing is the revolutionary new MediaHub!”

MediaMaster is a software solution for professional control of real-time video and effects that has been specially developed for desk operators and lighting designers. It is also probably the most affordable media server software on the market thanks to its upgradable license system: start with MediaMaster Express for simple control of your show through DMX or MIDI and later when you need it, upgrade to MediaMaster Pro for the difference and get access to full fixture control mode and advanced compatibility with professional lighting desks. But no matter what your choice is, there is no compromise on the quality.

While available in some world markets, MediaMaster Pro 5.0 is available . Visit: