ArKaos Pro Announces the Launch of Kling-Force LED

ArKaos has introduced Kling-Force LED, a plug- and-play interface designed specifically for LED strip pixel control. Compatible with most LEDs, Kling-Net LED allows for boundless creative possibilities.

Kling-Force LED is flexible, powerful, intuitive and affordable and its interface eliminates expensive, complex pixel drivers. Kling-Force also boasts 2 Ethernet connections to allow for daisy chaining.

Key Features:
• Designed to handle a large number of devices and pixels
• Easy network setup
• Intuitive, time-saving technology
• Industry compatible
• Plug-and-play
Technical Specifications:
• 8 LED strip outputs
• 400 Pixels per output
• External power supply 5V or 12V
• Supports a large range of LED chips
• 3 or 4 wires
• Built-in Gigabit switch
• Intelligent protection
• Full Flexibility

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