GigaCore 26i

The GigaCore 26i is a Gigabit managed AV switch designed to cope with the most demanding lighting and AV installations with high port density. As the rest of the GigaCore family, the switch is validate against many protocols of the AV industry (ArtNet, ACN, MANet, Dante, AES67, QLAN, …). The unit can be easily managed through an intuitive web interface without the need of any IT expertise. Six SFP cages also offer users to create complex network topologies over fiber link, such as mesh or ring.

Key Features

  • Wire-speed Layer 2/3 Switching
  • Sound protocol compliant: Low jitter
  • Industry specific web interface
  • Port status
  • 2 LEDs per port:
  • Mode LED to indicate Group color, RLinkX status and PoE status
  • Link/Speed LED
  • 4 status LEDs for the device: OK, PoE, RLinkX, Power
  • Redundant fans
  • Universal power supply: 100-240VAC