ArKaos Pro MediaMaster Express 5

Your affordable partner to any program, MediaMaster Express has up to 12 layers and is especially designed to run video for clubs, churches, theaters, TV and production studios.

All can be easily controlled from your keyboard, DMX or MIDI controller.

Main Features

  • Updated LEDMapper supporting larger network thanks to unicast
  • New Lyric player for standard text files or .srt subtitles files
  • New MediaHub to remote synchronize your content over the network
  • Compose on up to 12 Layers
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Store up to 60,000 visuals
  • Drag and drop visuals directly onto the main interface
  • Easily operate with a MIDI controller or a computer keyboard
  • Work on a single DMX universe or MIDI channel
  • Control up to 3 parameters per cell via DMX or MIDI
  • Play and mix audio tracks from movie files and turn any controller into a professional A/V mixer
  • Create the perfect ambient visuals for clubs, live DJ performances or LED installations
  • Intuitive LED Mapper and Kling-Net Mapper
  • Organise shows with up to 64 patches of 128 cells
  • Use optional fade time on trigger
  • Cue Player


Intuitive And Easy To Use

Designed to be fast and easy, MediaMaster Express is a unique solution for video control on the market. This intuitive software allows you to program and run full visual shows in just a few clicks, without the need of training and practicing!

Once you’re ready, go live and take control of your show using only a few channels on your lighting desk, notes on a MIDI controller or just your computer keyboard

Program Your Own Show

MediaMaster Pro Theater Mode

MediaMaster Express’ simple interface lets you apply the latest dynamic effects to your videos and easily program a whole show with visual presets and transitions.

Take total control of your media: position, scale, rotate, adjust transparency, alpha, colors, etc. MediaMaster supports all major media formats, multiple video inputs, and provides more than 60 effects with controllable parameters.

MediaMaster’s efficient media library management can store up to 60,000 visuals in more than 200 folders and lets you delete and move files at your convenience without having to re-stack a programmed show.

Compose On Up To 12 Layers

Mix visuals and effects on up to 12 layers, compose them together with transparency and masking modes - or send each layer to a different output to create a large scale projection.

Industry Standard

MediaMaster Express has proven to be an ideal solution for small to medium sized video installations in various venues such as Theatres, Clubs, Bars, Shopping Centres, Advertising displays, Sports Stadiums, Shops and even Fitness clubs..

You’re In Control

From a small DMX fader control to a full size lighting desk, with a MIDI controller or just your computer’s keyboard, MediaMaster’s flexible interface will let you setup the software the way it best fits your controller.

From there, you can simply play / stop your videos or take control of every parameters.

Video Welcomes Audio

MediaMaster can play and mix the audio track from your movie files. This feature, which comes with global audio volume control through DMX or MIDI, turns your controller into a professional A/V mixer.

MediaMaster also comes with audio reactive visualizers as powerful visual animations creating nice ambient visuals, perfect for clubs, live DJ performances or LED installations.

Easy LED Mapping

MediaMaster Pro LED Mapper Extension

MediaMaster includes the intuitive LED Mapper extension, ArKaos’ flexible software solution to drive LED panels.

The Mapping Editor lets you pick devices from an extensive library and place them interactively on the screen. While editing the mapping configuration, you can view the result of your configuration in real time as it is sent over ArtNet to your LCD panels (supports still pictures only).

Once happy with your mapping, you can save it to a file and import it into MediaMaster which will broadcast its output according to your specific configuration.

Even better, LED fixtures compatible with ArKaos’ Kling-Net protocol will connect and configure themselves automatically. No more complicated setup process, forget about the IP addresses!

Need Some Footage?

The software installer that you can download from the ArKaos web site already comes with some video loops to get you started. Okay you need high quality? The boxed version comes shipped with an additional DVD-Rom containing 4.1 GB of exclusive video footage in High Definition and Standard Definition.

Want More? You Can Get More!

You need to work on bigger setups? No worries, MediaMaster Express is the perfect solution to start with, but if you want even more professional control you can always upgrade to MediaMaster Pro and get access to expert features such as MSEx compatibility, full fixture mode, advanced soft-edge & geometry correction, the new Video Mapper Extension and much, much more.

System requirements (PC)

  • OS: Windows™ XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10.
  • Processor: Pentium™ IV 2.66Ghz / Core Duo 1.83Ghz recommended.
  • RAM: 1GB, 2GB recommended.
  • Media Component: QuickTime™ 7.x (and up), Adobe FlashPlayer™ 9.0 (and up), DirectX™ 9.0c (and up).

System requirements (MAC)

  • OS: Mac OS X 10.7 (and up).
  • Processor: Any Intel Mac, Core Duo 1.83Ghz (and up).
  • RAM: 1GB, 2GB recommended.
  • Media Component: QuickTime™ 7.x (and up), Adobe FlashPlayer™ 9.0 (and up).

Platform Independent

  • Graphics processor: 3D accelerated graphics card required: nVidia GeForceFX 5200 (and up), Ati Radeon 9200 (and up), Intel GMA 950 (and up).
  • Free Space: 80MB – 1.5GB depending on the installer options.