A.C. Lighting Inc. values the support from our clients and brands. Please see testimonials provided by our valued clients below.

Paul Croy, Croy and Company Stage Lighting


“Working with A.C. Lighting has been a great experience. You get what you pay for and the quality is there. A.C. Lighting has been a great business partner.”
– Paul Croy Managing Director, Croy and Company Stage Lighting, Victoria, B.C.


Greg Bacus Central Team Leader - Technology, Life.Church“A.C. Lighting Inc. is a significant partner in our ministry. They have always helped us by understanding our vision and work hard to help us accomplish our mission. Their product offering is reliable and is used by many churches and House of Worship integrators to create immersive worship environments.”
– Greg Bacus Central Team Leader – Technology, Life.Church


RPM Lights Installation“A.C. Lighting Inc. has been a true partner to us helping us to grow and become a force within the industry. The support that A.C. Lighting Inc. has provided has allowed us to accomplish our goals in a short period of time.”
– Glen Murphy, RPM Lights Inc.


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