Lighting Control

Jands have been designing, building and operating lighting equipment since making their first dimmer in 1970. Today's Jands consoles offer all that knowledge in a variety of excellent value, solidly built, reliable and robust controllers.

The range features models to suit the needs and budgets of every application - whether theatre, concert, corporate, or event from arenas to schools, opera houses to multi-purpose venues.

From the ever popular Stage lighting desk, to the cutting edge, graphically based Vista range designed to make today's mix of lighting, LED and media server technology both fast and easy to handle, the Jands control family includes the perfect solution for you.

Stage CL

Vista D1 DMX Processor

Vista L5

Vista T2

Vista E2 Extender

Vista I3

Vista S3

Vista S1

Vista M1

Vista UD512 DMX

Vista Apps