I/O Specifications Stage Studio Stadium
Interface output 1 1 1
Output 2 4 6
EDID Management No Yes Yes
Input On request 1 x HD-SDI 2 x HD-SDI
Output resolution 2 x full HD 4 x full HD 6 x full HD
DMX- 5- pin connectors Yes Yes Yes
Firewire 400/800/e-sata No Yes Yes
USB Yes Yes Yes
Balanced audio in/out (XLR) No Yes Yes
Network 1 2 2
DataPath X4 & Matrox compatibility Yes Yes Yes
Software Stage Studio Stadium
MediaMaster Express Yes No No
MediaMaster Pro No (Upgradable) Yes Yes
LED Mapper Yes Yes Yes
Kling-Net Mapper Yes Yes Yes
Video Mapper No (Upgradable) Yes Yes
Acronis Backup System Yes Yes Yes
Layers ( Total ) 8 (Upgradable) 12 12
Layers Full HD 3 Up to 12 Up to 12
Layers HD 5 12 12
Soft-Edge Basic (Upgradable) Advanced Advanced
Geometrical Correction No Yes Yes
Control Stage Studio Stadium
Control Display (front panel) No Yes Yes
LED Strip (front panel) No Yes Yes
DMX Yes Yes Yes
MIDI Yes Yes Yes
Keyboard Yes Yes Yes
ArtNet Yes Yes Yes
MA-net Yes (Windows only) Yes (Windows only) Yes (Windows only)
Hardware Stage Studio Stadium
Max Power Consumption 2.4 Amps 3.8 Amps 4 Amps
Voltage 107-240V auto switching 107-240V auto switching 107-240V auto switching
Professional Connectors No Yes Yes
Storage Stage Studio Stadium
System Drive HDD 500 Gb SSD 120 Gb SSD 120 Gb
Separate Data Drive No SSD 256 Gb SSD 480 Gb

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